I thought I would deviate away from the Disney posts to do one all about FOOD! Or more importantly where to eat breakfast whilst in Orlando!

It’s a question I get frequently asked, and so what better way to answer it, than in a breakfast blog post!!

In 2015/16 whilst on holiday in Orlando I stayed in a villa, so it’s very easy to pop to Walmart and stock the cupboards (and pantry)! full of delicious treats for breakfast (and believe me when I say we did just that)!

Even last year (2017) when Luke and I stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort we still got some breakfast supplies for the room for a quick grab and go on the early 6am starts!!

No matter whether you are staying in a villa, a hotel or on a Disney resort, taking a morning off and venturing out for breakfast is always a great treat.

There are loads of places as you can imagine around Orlando to have a delicious breakfast, trust me when I say you are spoilt for choice. So here I’ve made it a little easier for you, and shared my TWO favourite places to eat!!

IHOP – officially known as the International House of Pancake, is one of my MUSTS when vacationing in sunny Orlando! It was my sister who first introduced me to the home of pancakes when she insisted on us eating here back in 2015 and what a great decision it was too! I think the name pretty much gives it away, but yes IHOP do a variety of different delicious super yummy pancakes, all flavours from peanut butter to pumpkin spice, and many different combos too from maple bacon to sausage and hash browns! Don’t worry if you’re not a huge pancake fan (although seriously who doesn’t love pancakes?!) there are other options too, and you can even enjoy healthy options, for those of us who even while on vacation have to watch the calories! IHOP is a great place to start your morning, the service is quick and it’s also great value for money too, having breakfast here certainly keeps you feeling full way past lunch!IHOP is great, and I always recommend it for breakfast but if you ask me where my favourite place is to get a delicious breakfast then it has to be CRACKER BARREL

Cracker Barrel (Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc) is a combined restaurant and gift store with a real southern country theme to it. Again we first discovered this gem by chance back in 2015 and it has become a firm favourite with me and my family. I LOVE everything about this particular chain of restaurant’s starting with the outside decor! With its wooden decking and and old style rocking chairs it definitely wouldn’t look out of place somewhere deep in the Canadian wilderness with a few bears roaming around!

Once inside Cracker Barrel it’s like a cave of wonder! They sell everything from Yankee Candles, children’s clothes, to seasonal gifts and pretty much everything in between!

Once you have finished looking and in my case buying treats, you’ll definitely be ready for a Cracker Barrel breakfast.

The restaurant itself doesn’t disappoint! It carries the Southern theming right the way through to the staff who are appropriately dressed in the kind of attire you would expect to be worn in the southern parts (and Canada, not that I’ve ever been!) The Food is quite simply hearty and delicious, and traditional, with grits and biscuits and gravy on the menu, among other delights such as pancakes, oatmeal and muffins!

Oh and if you want to keep yourself or little ones occupied whilst waiting for your food the tables even come equipped with old style games to keep everyone entertained!

Cracker Barrel is my favourite way to start the day, with quick and friendly service, it’s great value for money, and I could spend hours walking around there Home ware store! They have so much in there I want to buy everything!!!!!

Other places tried and tested to eat Breakfast

Golds Corral




All lovely but didn’t make my top 2 picks!!