Luke and I love food! Who doesn’t right? One of our favourite places to eat when in London is Burger and Lobster, trust me when I say they do the best lobster rolls ever! I really must get round to blogging about my favourite restaurant in London, but that’s for another time.

 So now we have established that not only do Luke and I love to eat we also love lobster (for those wondering) I am a pescatarian, (I don’t eat meat but I do eat fish) I’m not ready to give up fish, or more importantly lobster up anytime soon.

Finding a little hidden gem appropriately named Red Lobster was a great find for us on our Florida trip last year. We had seen their signs whilst driving around Orlando on previous trips but had never eaten at one, until now!

We chose a nice evening after finishing up and Universal Studios and Islands of adventure. We left the parks around 5:00 which gave us time to head back and freshen up ready for (hopefully) a nice dinner.

We didn’t book before hand, we like to live life on the edge……Luckily there was a table for 2, the restaurant was I would say moderately busy for a Sunday evening.

We were seated straight away in one of there booths by a lovely friendly member of staff, who made general conversation with us ( so far we had better service here than at Disney’s California Grill! (Sorry Disney)!

The decor inside Red Lobster was made to look slightly old, and made me think of something you would find in an old fishing village! Lots of decor to do with FISH!

Our waitress was with us very promptly (and again she was lovely, and I remember her complimenting me on my hair and dress) super good service so far!!

The Food

Okay so the service, decor and cleanliness were all good!… What about the food?!?!

Let’s start with the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, you haven’t lived until you try these tasty little treats! They’re kind of like a scone (for my Uk resident readers) ONLY BETTER, much lighter than the scones we have, more fluffy, MORE TASTY, and Cheesy! And I expect way more calorific. We had 6 of these in a basket to tuck into while we decided on starters and mains.

Luke and I decided to share a starter (appetiser) we had already made a good start on those cheddar bay biscuits and didn’t want to be too full! We opted for the seafood sampler-Seafood stuffed Mushrooms, parrot isle coconut shrimp, and the signature shrimp cocktail! It’s making my mouth water just writing about it!

When it come to the mains (entree’s) I was a little worried where everything would fit, I was starting to feel full!! I had chosen the southwest style tacos – Three wood grilled tortillas, the house-made fire-roasted corn and avocado salsa, and cool jalapeño ranch with lobster meat!!

Luke had Rock Lobster and Steak Combo!- Wood-grilled, peppercorn seasoned steak, with a wood-grilled Caribbean rock lobster tail and mashed potatoes!

We also had a Caesar salad and a buffalo mozzarella salad bought out with the mains.

 The food was great, I can’t fault it at all, I enjoyed every single mouthful! The plates were empty by the time our waitress come to collect them, except for 3 Cheddar Bay Biscuits (sad sad face) we couldn’t manage them, but didn’t want to leave them either! Not to worry our lovely waitress got a bag for us to put them in so we could snack on them later when we had a bit more room!

Sadly there was no room for dessert either, but I have every confidence that dessert would have been as equally delicious as the rest of the food.

If you are heading to Orlando, Red Lobster is a MUST for your dinning list!! It caters for everyone so no big deal if your not a big seafood lover, they do meat too! We had great service, great food, and it wasn’t overpriced either!

It’s most definitely on my list for future vacations!!