Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2018!

I just wanted to take time out to do a short post to say thank you to everyone who has read, followed and subscribed to lifestylelisa.com

It has been a crazy year for me starting my own blog and wondering if anyone would even read it, to now having over a thousand loyal subscribers!

I can’t wait to write lots more posts as I venture and make my way through 2018!

I feel a real sense of achievement when I reflect on 2017, especially when I look back on my Tough Mudder and the journey I went through to get there! Needless to say I WILL NOT be repeating that in 2018!!

I am going into the New Year with NO resolutions what so ever! Mainly because less than a week into January I’ve broken most if not all of them! Instead I am going into the New Year with an open mind, I have things I would like to achieve and places I would love to travel too and things I really want to do, but I realise that these things can all be done over time and there is in fact no rush to do anything.

I would like to be the best version of me this year, and I’d like to stop over thinking everything so much! But more than anything I would like to be healthy, happy and safe and would like that for mine and Luke’s families and friends. The rest I’ll just make up as I go along…..And I will look forward to doing so.

Here’s to 2018

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