I have put off of posting a Disney post for a few days because of Hurricane Irma, the devastation and disruption it is causing is sad to watch and I feel for anyone out there now who has saved for the holiday of a lifetime and is unable to enjoy it at the moment. And equally to all the residents who are living out there. I hope things return to normal quickly and of course my thoughts do go out to everyone effected.

Okay so I am only 4 (FOUR) days away from my 2017 WDW vacation! So now is the perfect time to do a mini blog on what I take in my bag to the Disney parks!

This is actually a question I get asked a fair bit and it is actually very good one, I mean no one wants to be unprepared right?!

1) So let’s start with the all important bag- Mine is an oil cloth Cath Kidston body Cross bag. I’ve had it for 2 years and it has been to Florida the last 2 times I have been. Because it’s oil cloth it won’t absorb water and as we all know Florida is notorious for its daily down pour, so it doesn’t get all wet and soggy and the same goes for all the water rides at the theme parks. I also prefer cross body bags to back packs as I’m not too keen on people standing behind me and MAYBE being able to open my bag whilst I’m watching a parade or something. I mean it may be the happiest place on earth, but you always get the odd few!!….

2) My poloroid! Luke bought me this for Christmas last year, and I LOVE it! It’ll be the first time I’ve taken it to Disney, so I am very excited at getting some great shots with it.

3) Poncho! An absolute essential in my opinion. It rains everyday in Florida so it’s always best to be prepared! You can purchase ponchos from most shops around Disney, however you may find it cheaper to get one from Walmart or Publix instead of paying Disney prices. Or do what Luke and I do, which is take out own from home, they fold away neatly but are on hand when needed.

3) Hand sanitizer and hand wipes! I never go anywhere without my antibacterial hand gel and WDW Parks are no exception! This should definitely be packed in your bag! The wipes are a little extra and will come in handy in the heat!

4) Hand cream! I like soft hands! And sometimes using hand sanitizer can dry out your hands. I like to carry a small hand cream around with me to stop my hands getting rough and dry.

5) DEODORANT! Yes it’s in capitals! This one is pretty important! So here’s the thing, your walking miles in the heat on and off rides, your bound to sweat a little, it’s only natural! So all you need is a mini travel deodorant packed in your bag, it takes up no room, and trust me, you’ll be thankful for it at some point!

6) Plasters and Paracetamol! I’ve grouped these together! But trust me these will almost certainly come in handy! Head aches are not overly uncommon whilst walking around in the 32 degree heat, and likewise even the most comfortable shoes after 10 miles will be like your worst enemy!! Plasters will be your saviour!!

7) GUM! I’ve put this in capitals, because once you get on Disney property YOU CAN NOT BUY GUM ANYWHERE! WDW does not sell gum, so if you are like me and love to have something to chew as well as that minty fresh breath do not forget to pack some gum!

8) Lip balm and sun cream! Luke and I always put sun cream on first thing in the morning which is usually a 24hr waterproof one. However it can get so hot in Florida and you spend a lot of time outside waiting for rides or parades, so a small travel sun cream is perfect to put in your bag, just in case. Likewise my body shop lip balm is a lifesaver with its spf 15, no one wants chapped lips whilst on holiday! This lip balm is also great to take on the plane!-

So there we go, this is what I pack in my Disney bag! Of course everyone has different essential’s but these are mine!

This is my last Disney post until I actually head out there in just under a week!! I cannot wait to blog all about my 2017 vacation! We have an action packed 2 weeks, and I will have so much to Write about!!!

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With Love

L xx