19 days to go until my Florida 2017 vacation!!I am so excited i can barely contain myself!!. We have just under 3 weeks until we head off for an insanely busy 2 weeks!!

We have all fast passes and dinning reservations booked, and we have our itinerary done it’s just waiting to be typed up and printed out.

So I though I’d do a quick mini countdown blog, as I’ve had a few messages about our countdown sheet.

Okay so everyone loves a countdown right! It’s gets you super excited for you up coming vacation, plus it’s so much fun to do!!
I have seen many many excellent countdown sheets on various vlogs/blogs and Instagram. Luke and I like to keep ours simple yet effective! (Or at least I think it’s effective). We have had this countdown for the last 3 years and it works for us.

We like to keep it relatively cheap and easy, so our count down sheets simply requires a sheet with 50-1 on it, supplied by Luke

We then buy a tonne of stickers from WH Smith’s and eBay and any other arts n’ crafts place!

I usually like doing this on a Sunday whilst watching Florida Vlogs!!! It gets us in the Disney mood!! Once the countdown sheet is done everyday we use a gold star to mark off the numbers, getting more and more excited as we get into single digits!!

All in all this countdown sheet cost around £8.00 which was the cost of the stickers.

So there you have it!! The Lisa guide for a quick, simple yet effective countdown sheet!!!.

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