Hi guys! As you know I love nothing more than to share other things with you that I have done whilst on vacation in Florida, because as I have previously mentioned it’s nice to get away from the Disney Magic for a day or two.

This week I have decided to talk about Machine Gun America (MGA) what it is and what you can expect.

Machine Gun America is a Shooting Attraction, (not a gun range) situated in Kissimmee near to old town .

Things to know before you go!!!

No personal firearms or ammunition are allowed on the premises. Each participant is provided a selection of firearms, eye and ear protection, standard range target as well as a one-on-one instruction and observation of one of their armed, NRA Certified Range Safety Instructors, all with vast military and range experience.

My visit 

I first visited MGA back in 2015, Luke had seen it featured on a YouTube vlog whilst we were Florida planning and was really keen to check it out. I wasn’t so sure it was something I would enjoy so was originally going to go and just watch Luke.

My 2 experiences differ slightly from our 2015 visit and our 2016 visit. So I will talk about my 2015 visit first.

Upon our arrival at MGA we were greeted by a really nice guy called Tony (we had a party of 7, although only 5 of us would be taking part, with 2 spectators). He sat us down at one of the nearby tables and went through the different  packages with us along with prices. As I previously mentioned I wasn’t going to partake in any shooting I was just going to watch Luke, but once I got speaking to the safety officer I actually felt a whole less nervous about the whole thing and decided that I was going to have a go!!! 

You are given a very very strict and thorough safety briefing by your Marshall before you are allowed to go into the shooting area.

Once you are in there safety is paramount and the marshals are brilliant!!

Our Marshal Danny (ex US Marine) was fantastic and so patient with me, I am a small 5ft GIRLY girl who has never even held a gun let alone shot one!!! But here I was machine gun in my hand ready to fire! I was so nervous!! But our marshal stayed with me the whole time talking me through what was going to happen and where I was aiming for. He was very calming and I felt totally at ease with him.

Luke was a natural pro (of course) and was really into it! He did a good job too!!!!

Unlike me!!!!

But I gave it a good go at least!!!!…..

Our experience lasted for just over an hour, it was a little pricey, with Luke’s package costing just over $200, there are different packages but most of them are $100 PLUS.

I do think it’s worth the money as where else do you get to do this type of thing? Certainly not in Essex where we are from that’s for sure!!!

We decided to head back to MGA last year (2016) unfortunately our experience wasn’t so great and we have decided not to venture back this year.

The reviews on trip advisor are still pretty good (my 2015 review is under the name kendaltaylor) and I would recommend this experience for anyone visiting Kissimmee, and hasn’t done this before.

We visited MGA on a weekday and we didn’t have to pre book in advance and it wasn’t busy.

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