Today I am heading over to shine hair and nails! For a little pamper Where my best friend Emma works. I am booked in for hair, nails and brows!! Very excited because:- 

A) I get a catch up with the beautiful Emma and we can finally plan a night out out.


B) I’ve never actually been to her salon before!!

Shine Hair and Nails is situated in little Waltham (Essex) CM3 1BL, on a quiet business estate, it’s so nice that it’s tucked away and not set on a busy high street. Inside it’s decorated in a very chic vintage style, I was offered a drink upon arrival and sat in one of the comfy chairs in the salon listening to a bit of Ed Sheeran, perfect!!

I am actually a very lucky girl because both my best friends are hair dressers!!! When I had hair extensions my friend Michelle would do them, she’s a pro (thanks Michelle), however I am now more about the au naturel look, so don’t have the hair extensions anymore (god I miss them though).

So first up is my hair….. I have been addicted to the home dye kits for as long as I can remember, which in the past has resulted in me having to strip the colour out of my hair!!! I am now left with hair that has much darker ends than the rest of my hair…. sorry Em I think you’re in for a tough one. 

Okay so first up, colour lift time, why not, let’s go for it!!!….followed by an all over colour of warm brown and a trim and curls to finish off.

I then had my brows done, since brows nowadays are so Important!!! I like to try to keep mine as up to date as possible!! So I was in for a little wax and tint! And this is the first time Emma has done my brows although I totally trust her because she has great brows!!

Fresh new brows!!! Love them!

Last up it was nail time, there were loads of colours to choose from, and I finally settled on a gossip girl pink! Throughout my 4 hours at shine it was really busy, and I noticed that they have a lot of repeat customers who they all know on a first name basis (nice little personal touch). There is a really nice relaxed atmosphere at shine and lots of general chit chat that involves everyone.

My nails looked awesome and the colour was on point!!! And I can confirm that one week on they are still looking amazing!!

I throughly enjoyed my time at shine hair and nails,  everyone is so friendly, and they include you in every conversation. I was offered hot and cold drinks, and there was an array of magazines to flick through.

Below I have included the price list.

My hair looked absolutely gorgeous by the time Emma had finished working her magic, the colour was amazing (no more black ends!!) and I have had many many compliments on it. 

It is so nice to have one colour hair after battling for so long with different colours!!! I have already booked in again,  and can’t wait for another little pamper session there.

Fancy having a little pamper at shine hair and nails? click here to check out there website and book your appointment (hopefully the link works, although I have had a few problems with it. If it doesn’t then check them out on Facebook or google).