Life's Little Adventures

Nativity! The musical

Every Christmas my boyfriend and I try to think of something really festive that we can do together. For a few years it was winter wonderland but we got a bit bored with that after a while, then we tried finding some lovely Christmas markets in and around the county of Essex, but found that… Continue reading Nativity! The musical

Life's Little Adventures

A Terrifying Christmas ordeal!…….

Christmas, my most favourite time of the year, a time for giving, a time for receiving, a time for roasting chestnuts on an open fire while watching love actually for the millionth time whilst drinking a salted caramel bailey's. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year......................But what happens when it goes WRONG,… Continue reading A Terrifying Christmas ordeal!…….

Florida Adventures

Gatorland and the Mall’s

23/09/2017 Day 3 It's a crazy notion to think that you can go full on at a Disney park everyday of your vacation, it may seem like a good idea whilst your Florida planning, but when reality hits you'll be thankful that you pencilled in that day away from the Disney magic. It's okay to… Continue reading Gatorland and the Mall’s